Positions Open

Green Buyer

We are looking for a responsible, organized team player that has at least two years experience buying coffee. We are looking for a dedicated person with exceptional cupping and roast profiling skills as well as someone who understands how to buy coffee on contract.

You will be responsible for coffee sourcing and purchasing, forecasting, sample roasting, production roast profile development, roasting (team of three), quality control (wholesale/retail), training of team members and coffee roasting/extraction development. You will provide information support to sales, education, marketing, service and retail. You will work closely with the Operations Manager and strategy departments to develop the coffee purchases according to budgets/forecasts, including shipping and inventory. As our representative at origin you will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with importers, exporters and producers. 

Ideally you will speak a little Spanish, be a certified Q Grader, you will have worked as a buyer for five years and have sourced coffee at origin so you have existing relationships. To do the role you must have worked in green coffee buying for two years, have extensive experience cupping, sample roasting and roasting with strong espresso (roasting/blending/extraction), and an excellent understanding of the C Market and forward contract business. You must have intermediate skills on Google Docs/sheets as well as Cropster. You must be able to climb ladders, lift 150 lbs assisted, able to use a forklift would be great, able to carry/move heavy equipment. You must have a clean passport and drivers license and be able to travel to origin regularly and cup coffee all day.

Salary depends on experience, we will pay more for experience. Relocation costs may be considered for the right candidate. Vacation, Health/Dental, Sick Pay provided.

Please email amber@tobysestate.com with your experience, highlighting any key attributed that would make you great for the role. Please attach your resume and provide two employee references and one personal. All applicants will be strictly confidential/ 

Operations Manager

We are looking for a friendly, dedicated Operations Manager to look after our warehouse and storage facilities and to oversee staff processes and procedures with regard to coffee production and delivery.

Reporting to the Owners and working closely with finance, sales support, GM retail and the Director of Coffee, you will be in charge of delivering all our coffee to our customers, internet orders, grocers and retail stores. You will manage key staff including stock manager, shift leads, packaging and delivery drivers. You will work closely with your team to establish the most efficient roasting/packaging/shipping schedule. Responsibilities include:

*Fulfill coffee orders and cold brew for delivery with regard to quality and speed;

*Safety and cleanliness of warehouse;

*Improve operational systems, processes, procedures, ensure the smooth and financially stable running of the facility;

*Ensure plant and equipment (including vehicles) are properly maintained and are in safe, legal operating order;

*Responsibility for Health Dept., Fire Dept., and OSHA inspections for the wholesale facility, including documentation and training;

*Working with the team with regard to coffee manufacturing, manage vendor selection, price, negotiations, marketing/label changes and inventory based on forecasts;

*Manage UPC codes and grocery coordination;

*Responsible for selection and negotiation of shipping carriers, always looking for the more cost effective, speedy delivery for our customers;

*Manage staff productivity, human resources, salary negotiation;

Budget and maintain schedules for wholesale staff and drivers;

Constantly look for better ways to improve packaging with regard to waste and aesthetic, and;

*Oversee all inventory and coordination of storage.

Ideally you will have three years experience working for a roaster and or food/beverage manufacturer in a similar role. You must have intermediate experience using Google docs/sheets and working with inventory software (stitch labs/cropster preferred) and staff scheduling. You must have strong leadership and management skills, be incredibly patient, have attention to detail, be very organized and able to have a laugh. You must have a clean drivers license, be able to lift 50 lbs and 150 lbs assisted, use ladders, carry heavy equipment and it would be great if you are licensed to use a forklift and have basic carpentry skills.

Baristas and Shift Leads

Looking for enthusiastic, friendly, and more-than-competent baristas. Our ideal is someone who's passionate about coffee and hospitality. Please have a minimum of 1-year specialty coffee experience, weekend availability, and a NY Food Handler's Card (if you are in the process of obtaining one, that is also fine). If interested, please reply with a resume, short cover letter, and three professional references.

Interested parties please email a cover letter as well as a resume, along with availability to ameliae@tobysestate.com

Packaging Shift Lead

We are looking for two responsible persons to act as an opening Shift Lead and or closing Shift Lead in our Production Team, to pack, label and ship fresh coffee. The warehouse packs coffee 7 am - 7 pm 4 days a week and delivers 4 days a week. All shifts are 6-8 hours.

You need to be organized, punctual, and friendly - you need to have strong attention to detail and care about what you are doing. Having managed a small team previously is a benefit. 

Duties include coordinating with our roasting team, reading a production schedule (excel spreadsheet), printing and applying labels, weighing coffee, sealing bags, filling customer orders and coordinating with our drivers to set up delivery routes ad coordinate shipping. There are also less desirable tasks of cleaning, assisting in maintaining the cars and moving heavy coffee (150 +lbs) around the warehouse.

You must be able to lift 60 lbs - (150lbs assisted coffee bags) and are able to climb ladders. A valid, clean drivers license and work permit is essential. An interest in coffee would be a benefit.

Please email your application to deaton@tobysestate.com and send a list of your previous experience in a short summary. We like a fun working environment and we are looking for like-minded individuals who like coffee to be part of our team.