Public Cupping


Every Saturday at 10am at our Williamsburg and West Village locations, Toby's Estate Coffee invites you to join our Public Cupping.

Cupping is a worldwide practice for evaluating roasted coffee. We cup daily for green bean purchasing, quality control, education, and to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the coffees we serve. 

Our public cupping is designed for enthusiasts of all levels. Our Coffee Educator will lead students through a variety of curated offerings. The class will detail a brief history of the cupping ritual, and participants will learn to assess the full sensory experience by focusing on aspects of fragrance, aroma, break, brightness, mouth-feel and flavor, and leave with a better understanding of the complexity to be found within a great cup of coffee.

Class size:  This class is limited to five participants. 

Terms:  Payment is made in advance of the class, taxes are not included.  Cancellation is allowed up to 48 hours prior to the commencement of the class.  If you are more than fifteen minutes late, reservations will considered forfeited and participants will not be eligible for a refund. 

Cost:  All cupping classes are $10

Email: to set your time, or use the form below.




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