Public Cupping Cupping Classes


Toby’s Estate in Brooklyn cups for green bean purchasing, quality control, and to educate its staff about the coffees served in house. 

Aiming to educate and inspire, Toby’s Estate in Brooklyn is now offering public coffee cupping classes in their custom designed cupping room and espresso lab. The cuppings are open to coffee enthusiasts of all levels, from coffee nerds to people wanting to start learning about coffee.  A Toby's Estate Coffee trained staff cupper will guide participants through the full sensory evaluation process, starting from the smelling of dry fragrances and wet aroma to the tasting of the coffee.

Public cupping classes run every Tuesday 10am to 11am.

Class size:  this class is limited to five participants. 

Terms:  Payment is made via Paypal and is in advance of the class, taxes are included.  Cancellation is only allowed 24 hours prior to the commencement of the class.  You are not allowed to attend this class if you are more than 20 minutes late.

Cost:  All cupping classes are $5 and they must be paid in advance via Paypal.  You will receive a $5 discount on retail beans on the day of the class.  

Email: to book a spot.




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